It is all in the name

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Usually I am attracted to beautiful, colorful birds to photograph. My wife is much the same. Occasionally though, even the name of a bird is intriguing. Most birds are named either for a physical characteristic (Lemon-rumped Tanager, Crimson-collared Tanager, etc) or sometimes the person who originally described the bird (Zeldon’s Antbird). In this case though, the name describes a behavior. Firewood-gatherer. No, that is not a typo.
Deb took this shot in Brazil. These birds use the same nest year after year and add sticks to it making it larger and larger every year. Delicate pieces of material like many other birds? No, firewood sized sticks. Electical power poles are their favorite sites. Shot with a Canon R7, 100-500 at 500 mm. SS 1/2500, f/7.1, ISO 400, handheld. Processed in PS, cropped approximately 50%.

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