Pics That Caught My Eye

As I browse through the Latest Pics section I find all sorts of interesting bird pictures.  Some are just outright beautiful and others are a little different and they catch my eye as well.  Here are a couple of pics that caught my eye:

Asteinmann came upon a Yellow Warbler nest.  Peering inside he found one tiny (1/2 inch long) egg.


Birder1958 found a Black-necked Stilt sitting on a nest.  Why did it catch my eye?  I’ve never seen a Black-necked Stilt sitting down – nest or not.


Gurineb caught a Great Egret with its wings ready to take off, but not quite off the ground yet.


Finally, our “Awwwww” shot of the day.  Asteinmann again with a picture of a Sandhill Crane colt with parents.


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