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Monty Dead!

Hmeade2018 shares with us the sad news that Chicago’s Piping Plover Monty was reported dead on May 12.  Here’s his most recent picture of Monty, taken at Montrose Beach about 3 weeks before he died.  Click on the picture below to read more (it includes a link to a local news outlet’s story about Monty and Rose.


Indiana Dunes Bird Festival

We got back Sunday after attending the 8th Indiana Dunes Bird Festival in Chesteron, IN.  Over 650 attendees spread out over the state and national park in search of migrants.  The festival itself is so popular that it is hard to get into many of the sessions, but I would recommend going to the area whenever you can.  The Indiana State Park has long been a destination for many in the area but now that the area surrounding the state park has become a National Park the entire region has become very popular.  According to the Commissionar of the National Park, the area is the most “bio-diverse” of any National Park.  This means there are more species of flora and fauna there than anywhere else in the United States’ National Park System.  We loved going through the varied habitats – including bogs, dunes, fens, and forests.  Visit there when you get a chance.

News About Our Members

Emil Baumbach has been given the OK by his doctors to go out birding!  That is good news for us and we look forward to seeing more GreatBirdPics from him soon.

Rebecca Bowater, our New Zealand Naturalist, is off studying fungi.  She is taking a break from birds as she concentrates on this important aspect of her professional life.

Go Birding.  Take Pics.  Share Here.  Repeat.


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