Red, White, and Blue Four You

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope you are enjoying this day of celebration.  We have just endured a couple of days in the Canadian fires haze – quite remarkable how bad the visibility got here in Chicagoland.  Better Today.

In our celebration of the Fourth I though I would bring you some birds with red, white and blue on them.

First off our Eastern Bluebird.  So the red is a bit more like a rust, I still think it works.


Our next two pictures were taken in Canada recently (although they are observed in the U.S. too).  This Lazuli Bunting was perched high in a tree in Watertown National Park.


Our very last stop of our Canada birding trip was a marshy area just outside of Calgary.  There we observed a male Ruddy Duck performing a mating ritual in an attempt to attract a mate.


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