Reflecting on Reflections

One of my favorite birds in Florida is the Purple Gallinule.  These colorful birds have huge feet which allow them to walk across a pond dotted with lilly pads.  I spotted an immature Purple Gallinule off the boardwalk at Rose Hill in The Villages.  Being immature, this one was not quite as colorful as fully mature birds but it still has lots of color to show off.

As most of you know by now I love bird photographs with reflections – they double your pleasure when viewing.  But do they always work?  I originally cropped two of my Purple Gallinule photographs to include the reflection, then made a copy and cropped out the reflection.  Take a look at the following pairs of pics and let me know if the reflection works or doesn’t work.  Reply to the email or enter a comment in the post – your responses will be shared next week.

1,1 Reflection


1.2 Reflection Cropped Out


2.1 Reflection


2.2 Reflection Cropped Out


Let me know what you think – reflection or no reflection – and tell me why you think that way.


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For me, I prefer no reflection in this case. I find the general scenery to be pleasing and the reflection(perhaps because of the birds coloring) is a distraction. What a cool looking bird!


While I view 1.1 with the reflection, I’m caught in the picture and scoping every detail. I enjoy and appreciate the moment of serenity and the beauty that is nature itself.
While 1.2 for me was visually “fast”. An amazing picture that I can almost feel the adrenaline that must come from capturing such a sight!
In this moment as I’ve just viewed both, picture one is where I let my mind rest!