Reflections on Reflections – Responses

Reflections on Reflections – Responses

Last week I offered up two pictures of a Purple Gallinule.  Each picture was cropped tightly (just on the bird) and wider to include a reflection.  I asked members to weigh in on which version they preferred – reflection or no reflection.  As a reminder the four pictures are below.

1.1 Reflection


1.2 Reflection Cropped Out


2.1 Reflection


2.2 Reflection Cropped Out


I was surprised to see that the responses were almost unanimous – no reflection!  Many elaborated on their response but I think cgeorge said it best:

— In these pictures, the action is interesting. It looks like the bird is trying to balance on top of a too-small lily pad. The picture works better when the viewer is closer to the action.
— The water surface is broken up by lily pads and hence, the reflection is not as pleasing as in unbroken, mirror-like water.

The comment about the poor reflection was echoed by several members so that’s something to consider; a reflection is not as pleasing if it is obscured.

Thanks for all the comments and I hope these little exercises are informative and interesting.  Let me know if you have any other ideas for comparison pics!


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