Some Catching Up To Do

While birding, wining, and dining in Chile and Argentina the past two weeks I didn’t have much time to see what was going on at GreatBirdPics.  I may not have been posting any pics, our members have continued to share some of their favorites.  Here are some of mine:

Burning Nature Photography aways seems to find a new perspective to share with us.  Below is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker drilling a series of holes in a tree trunk.  Why? To allow the sap to come oozing out!


Who doesn’t like a Roadrunner (Beep! Beep!)?  Such a fun bird and to find one perched and still is unusually.  Thanks to gurineb for the shot!


Who can’t pass up an opportunity to get a closeup of a Great Blue Heron? Kaur can’t and he shared this beaut:


Dan Rossi caught another common bird, a Mallard, flapping its wings.  This could be a courtship display, a signal to other birds in the area, or just stretching.  With all that movement it’s a pretty darn good shot.


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