Spring Migration Is Upon Us

Judging by the pictures coming in to GreatBirdPics, migrating birds are making their way north.  Although I usually mark May 1 as the beginning of migration, some birds are already on the way.

Asteinmann spotted a Nashville Warbler in his neck of the woods (Ohio).


The White-throated Sparrow is another migrant passing through now.  I had one in my backyard the last couple of days – asteinmann shot this one over in Ohio, too.


The American White Pelican moves up north as well.  JamesD went to Lock and Dam 24 on the Mississippi River and saw many pelicans there.  I particularly like the rough wall as a background to this pic.


Just to give you an idea of how many White Pelicans gather below these lock and dams JamesD send a shot showing them there.  They wait for fish to come through the dam – they get stunned from the short drop so they are easy pickings for the pelicans.  Some lock and dams also have many Bald Eagles at them as they feed on the fish coming through.


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