Striking birds of Africa

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Seeing some of asteinmann’s photos from his recent trip to Africa made me go back and look at some of mine.  We went almost ten years ago (February of 2014) on one of our first big trips after retirement.  This was not a birding trip per se (we were not that “into” birds at that time) but we certainly saw a lot of them.  It was the first time I really started focusing my camera on birds, so I would ask the guide/driver to stop so I could get a shot of one nearby.  At first the other participants groaned at every stop but as time went on they got into birds too and would call my attention to ones they thought were really special.  The ones I picked out for today were pretty striking:

These Gray Crowned-Cranes should be named “Golden-crowned Cranes” for their vibrant golden plumage atop their heads (as such it is a gray crane with a crown).  Simply beautiful!


This Helmeted Guiniafowl has such a tiny head and neck but then it expands into a broad body.


The Lilac-breasted Roller has such beautiful colors even the non-birders on our Safari were on the lookout for it.  Luckily one was perched right next to the road and stayed long enough for me to snap a picture when our Safari vehicle pulled up to stop.


Perhaps not as colorful as some of the other birds today but this large Kori Bustard is pretty striking.  It can fly but feels right at home on the ground.  A nice display of the tail feathers spread out.


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