Wetlands at Dusk

One of the new places we visited on our recent trip to Florida was the Orland Wetlands.  This large area was highly recommended by Birding Buddy Bonnie and we enjoyed it every bit as much as she did.  We went there twice and each time we walked about 3 miles along its boardwalk and trails that meander through marshes, lakes, and forest.  Each time we saw over 40 species and hundreds of individual birds (and some alligators).

It just so happened that we arrived there in the afternoon each time and our exploration of the place lasted until sunset.  One day, as we were heading toward the exit we saw an Osprey flying in toward its favorite roost.  The sunset reflected off of the Osprey turning it into a gorgeous yellow-orange color.




Swarms of Black and Turkey Vultures were also finding their roosts for the night – this Turkey Vulture selected a low perch not far from the path, with the area bathed in the glow of the sunset.


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