What’s Wrong With These Pics 3.0

In our quest for high-quality pics on GreatBirdPics.com we have been examining some of my images for flaws.  Sometimes these flaws are so obvious that it doesn’t take much to spot them.  Others are subtle; a slight flaw that makes an image good instead of great.  Take a look at the following pics which are pretty good and see if you can spot the one flaw that prevents them from being great.  I didn’t think they were good enough to load on the site so you can’t click on them and go to their Individual Page.

Here’s a Northern Flicker high up in a tree.  Looks pretty good, but…

Next up, a Pine Warbler perched on a knot.  What about it strikes you as being less than great?

I love Wood Ducks and take pictures of them every chance I get.  I didn’t like this one, though.  Why?

Finally an Eastern Phoebe, which is also a favorite since we have a granddaughter named Phoebe.  I like to send her pictures of Phoebes but I didn’t send this one.  What’s your guess?

Well hope you saw the same flaw in all of them that I did.  Check your answer next week.  Until then, have a great weekend.

Stay Safe.  Go birding.  Take Pics.  Post Here.  Repeat.


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I like all of them!