Which One?

Sometimes I’ll get several shots of the same bird that turn out pretty good.  All of them are GreatBirdPics but I agonize over which one to keep and which to delete.  If I keep them all I could upload them to eBird (along with the other 54 million pictures there) or GreatBirdPics.com (do you really want to see 10 really good pictures of a Goldfinch feeding on thistle)?   I hate deleting really good shots but if I don’t they just collect on my hard drive and nobody ever sees most of them.  Let me give you an example.

The other day we were walking through the Morton Arboretum and a White-breasted Nuthatch popped up on a nearby tree at about eye-level.  I started snapping away and came home with four pretty good pictures.  The question is, which ONE should I keep and share?  I know I could keep all four but for purposes of discussion let’s say I could only keep ONE and have to delete the other three.  Which ONE of the four below would you keep?







Which ONE would you keep, and why?  Add your comments to this post or reply to the email and I’ll share the collective wisdom of the group next week.


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I like the first one, he seems to be talking to you! Probably telling you what a nice man you are!


Number 3