A Great Time To Visit Florida

GBP Notes 11/9/20

Good Morning GreatBirdPics Members!

Well we sure picked a great time to visit Florida.  We had some timeshare points that had to be used before the end of the year so we picked Daytona Beach.  We got here just as Hurricane Eta is making landfall at the southern tip of the state.  During a pandemic.  What could go wrong?  They are calling for 100% chance of rain for the next five days so no golf or birding in our immediate future.

Wait a minute – I just saw a bird land on the roof of an adjacent building!  Let me check it out…  I can now confirm our first Florida bird of this trip is a Rock Pigeon.  Got that one out of the way so I can now start working on this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Some of our member have been getting out there and have submitted some great images.  Take a look:

Northern Pintail  and Northern Pintail  Birder2011 has given us a look at a male and female Northern Pintail.  The male has that elegant stripe going down its neck.  The female looks like many other female waterfowl.  Note the black bill though.

Enjoying the Sun So here I am in rainy Florida and LinLark was out in sunny Illinois getting this picture of a Savannah Sparrow.  Note the overall yellowish look around its head – that’s what I look for when identifying this sparrow.

Hanging out with the Juncos  LinLark got a great shot of this Tree Sparrow on the ground.  This time of year the Tree Sparrow and Chipping Sparrow can be confused.  The Tree Sparrow has a brown line through the eye and note the bi-colored bill; dark on the top and yellow on the bottom.

Hope all are well and safe.  Happy Birding!


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