Can You Give A Guy A Hand?

Recently Bajadreamer posted two pictures and asked for our help.  Here’s what he said:

“These shots are two views of the same bird. Do you have a preference? When the first image was taken, he (Olive-crowned Yellowthroat) was singing in response to a play back from our guide, Chambita. The bird was looking directly at us providing an engaging image, but with DOF problems. After the initial recording was played, the bird continued to sing on his own for 60 seconds. The back ground was pretty “busy” with a lot of sticks and leaves (this was in the rainforest after all), so I applied a selective blur to the BG. Otherwise the images were processed in PS with the BG slightly darkened and the bird slightly brightened.”

Bajadreamer asks if we have a preference – well do you?  Let him know by replying to the email or adding your comment below one of the pics on the website.


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I must say that I like them both, my usual response.!