Different Crop Improves Picture

Two weeks ago I did an analysis of Kaur’s GreatBirdPic of two male Hooded Mergansers (see Anatomy of a GreatBirdPic).  Below is the image that was initially submitted:


I wrote that I liked the wide crop and the action on the water.  I also noted that some of the disturbance on the water may have been cut off on the left side.  Kaur, to his credit, recropped the same image showing more of the space on the left.  Here’s what the revised image looks like now:


Even though the new crop only reveals 6 inches more to the left, it now tells a better story about the interaction between these two birds.  Look at the arc of the wake left by the left bird as it swam aggressively toward the other bird.  We can assume the bird now taking off was at rest until the aggressive bird forced it to skedaddle out of there.  It tells the story better than the first pic.

Thanks to Kaur for following up on my suggestion and sharing it with us to compare!


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