GBP Members’ Bird Photography Showcase – 3/7/24

Be sure to enter the latest contest on GreatBirdPics.  Win $100 for the best BIF shot.  CLICK HERE for more details. Be sure to check the Latest Pics section for all the latest entries.

Speaking of the BIF contest, it didn’t take long before entries started to fly in – gurineb, the winner of our Obscured Bird contest, posted the first entry at 7 AM!  Here’s her shot of a Great Blue Heron flying by.


Before our contest started members submitted some great shots like this one of a male Hooded Merganser – with a bit of reflection (hmmm – future contest topic?).  Good one Birder2011!


Canvasbacks are one of my favorite waterfowl species.  They are uncommon around here but when they show up I love to observe them.  Mikeaff must have gotten pretty close to this one (the ones I see are usually on the other side of the lake).  Great detail of a beautiful bird!


I’ll give an “honorable mention” to this shot by Kaur of a Pileated Woodpecker flying off.  Too bad it came in before the contest started – let’s hope Kaur has more BIF shots to share with us.


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