Members’ Bird Photography Showcase – 4/6/23

It’s been some time since I highlighted some of the GreatBirdPics that have been shared with us.  Here are a couple that caught my eye:

WayneoBubba captured a Merlin that captured a Starling.  Looks like the Starling fought off the attack valiantly but in the end I think it was no contest.

You might recall that the Brown-headed Cowbird lays its eggs in the nest of other species and then leave.   When the eggs hatch the baby Cowbirds are raised by the family of whoever built the nest.  Dan Rossi captured this image of a Cowbird chick (left) being fed by its “mom”, a Song Sparrow.  It’s amazing the “mom” doesn’t know the chick isn’t a Song Sparrow!


Berginc4 continues to share some of is great shots he took while in Belize.  This Pygmy Kingfisher shot was taken from a boat.


I’ve shared many times how difficult it is to get a good picture of an all-black bird.  Birder2011 proves me wrong with this shot of a Black Vulture.  Well done!


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