Mixed Responses

You’ll recall the post from a couple of days ago in which I posted these two pictures from bajadreamer and asked which one you preferred, and why.

Quetzal A – Half of the respondents liked this one better stating, “… displays the tail feathers better”, and cited the overall beauty of the picture.

Quetzal B – The other half of the respondents liked this picture better because it, “…shows off the coloring [of the bird] better”.

One person suggested combing the best of the two pictures (easier said than done).  Both are GreatBirdPics – the first one powerfully shows the habitat and the second one shows off the best of the bird’s field marks.   My original comments to bajadreamer were that if the first picture were cropped a little closer, without losing too much of the foliage, it would make the bird stand out more.  Without that change I lean toward the second picture as the better of the two, but I would be proud to have either one hanging on my wall.


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