Notable Pics

As Xwinger and I reviewed the pictures for the Obscured Bird Contest our eyes were drawn to some images that were just a bit different.  We spent some time discussing these pics; ultimately they did not make the final cut but I wanted to bring your attention to some of the images we thought were worth noting.

Bajadreamer shared this shot of a House Finch tucked inside the spikes on a cactus.   He got the bird in good focus and the thorny spikes make a stark contrast to the bird.


Another shot in which the setting is in contrast to the bird is this one of a black swan through a concrete pipe.  Rebecca Bowater shot this imaginative composition.


It wasn’t until I read Emil Baumbach’s description of this next picture that I noticed the hummingbird’s head and eye, showing through the transparent wing.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.


Osprey90’s shot of a Sanderling is unlike any I’ve seen before.  By overexposing the image and then playing with the contrast during post-processing he created an arresting picture.

This final image’s swath of red caught our eye.  The bird and the leaves all blend in to one riot of rouge!  Great job by mikeaff to get focus on this guy buried in the leaves.


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