Photo Contest Runner-Ups

As I indicated on Monday Xwinger and I spent a lot of time trying to narrow down the 120 bird photograph submissions to the photo contest down to just one winner.  Congratulations to Bajadreamer of his winning photograph of a Olivaceous Piculet feeding.   Also congratulations to the three photographers who received Honorable Mention awards yesterday.  Today I want to feature the Runner-Up photos that were excellent in of themselves.  They were in the running for the best picture award until the very end.  Thanks for sharing them with us.

We start off with a spectacular shot of an Eastern Kingbird snapping at a flying insect from Birder2011.


Osprey60’s closeup of a Pine Grosbeak eating berries caught our attention.  Love the detail in this one.


LinLark beautifully captured a Northern Flicker eating some bright red berries.  Such a colorful shot!


Our New Zealand Naturalist Rebecca Bowater shared a picture of a New Zealand Kaka.  Just look at the beautiful colors on this bird.


Xwinger and I really liked this picture of a Ring-billed Gull with an invasive (to Lake Michigan) Gobi by Always Birding.  She said that when fishermen catch a Gobi they throw it on the dock, to the delight of the gulls.


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