Puffins Are Soooo Cute!

GreatBirdPic member Emil Baumbach went to Maine this summer to see the Atlantic Puffins.  Maine is the southernmost area of the Puffins’ range and they were numerous there until they were hunted for their feathers and eggs (to eat), which essentially eliminated them from there.  In 1976 the Puffin Project was established to reintroduce Puffins to the islands off the coast of Maine and it has been successful in doing so.  If you would like to learn more about Maine Puffins you can Click Here.

Emil was lucky enough to book a seat on the only company that is allowed to land on an island with Puffins.  He was behind a blind with several other birders and had some great views of them.  Here are a couple of my favorites (more can be found in the Latest Pics section of the site).

This was one of Emil’s favorite pics.  The closeup shows great detail of all the interesting colors and features of a Puffin head.


BIF shots are always hard to get so I was doubly impressed with the sharpness of this one because I’m assuming he took it while on the boat.


Here’s a pair of Puffins looking out over their fishing grounds.  Emil’s guide said that the Puffins have had to go farther away from the island to find food, partly due to commercial fishing.

What a great trip that must have been!  Makes me want to go out there and see these beautiful birds, too!

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