Random Bird Pics

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Here’s a couple of recent pics posted in our Latest Pics section that I found interesting:

From asteinmann’s African Safari, a Gray Go-away Bird, so-named for its “go-waaaay” call.


John Weisgerber was over at the Morton Arboretum and watched this guy walk right by the Great Blue Heron; then the heron flew right over in front of John.  I guess you would say the bird is habituated to humans, for better or worse.


Birdygirl was up in Wisconsin and saw a duck on beautiful blue Lake Michigan.  Due to the size of the black “nail” on the end of its bluish bill I would ID it as a Greater Scaup (as opposed to a Lesser Scaup).  These are always hard birds to tell apart and we would appreciate a clarification on the ID if needed.


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