There’s a Bird in there Somewhere

Sometimes a bird is not the only object in an image vying for the viewers’ attention.  Take a look at some of these GreatBirdPics and note how the bird compliments, but not dominates, the image.

Let’s start with this photograph taken by Bajadreamer.  The image is dominated by nests of the Chestnut-headed Oropendola – you have to search to find the bird!  Oropendola species are related to Orioles and are so-named because their nests swing back and forth like pendulums (oroPENDola).  Click on the pic and read what Bajadreamer wrote about the bird and the nests.


Next is a shot taken by BurningNaturePhotography of a Northern Mockingbird atop a wagon wheel from a Civil War era canon.  The bird is secondary to the spokes and rim of the wheel, which form a pleasing geometric pattern; cropping in tightly on just the bird would have lost this interesting effect.


Look at the next image below before reading on.  Did you spot the Great Blue Heron right away?  It’s a small object in this bare tree.  It’s quite different than many photos submitted by Emil Baumbach, who often posts closeups of the birds he sees.  I like the starkness of this photo; Emil would like some feedback on it so click on the pic below and type in your reaction in the Comments section.


Our last shot today is another by BurningNaturePhotography and is of a Red-shouldered Hawk taking off from a fence.  The bird is big enough in the frame to see it in detail but the star of the show is the old wooden fence.  I love how the fence recedes in the distance and evokes a time long ago.  In fact it was taken at Gettysburg National Military Park and you can just imagine what occurred around this fence 150 years ago.  Great capture!


So our tip of the day – don’t always crop down your shots so the bird dominates the frame.  Sometimes the other objects in the shot are just as, if not more interesting, than the bird.


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