Wow! So Many Entries!

The response to Xwinger’s $100 Photo Contest challenge has been terrific!  At least 120 pictures have been entered in the contest and each and every one of them is special.  Now Xwinger and I just have to narrow it down to one…

Because almost all of the recent posts are eligible for the contest I won’t feature any of them today, but that leaves very few non-eating bird pics to choose from.  Here are a couple:

JamesD captured several pictures of Turkey Vultures on and around power line towers.  Here’s one of those black creatures coming in for a landing.


Asteinmann captured a Barred Owl deep in the woods.  Partially obscured by vines, it’s amazing he attained focus on the bird.


Here’s a beautiful composition submitted by BajaDreamer of a female Baltimore Oriole taken in Costa Rica.  Notice the nice wide frame around the bird to give us a look at the habitat.  GreatBirdPic!


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