GBP Notes 12/6/22 – Patience

Patience Grasshopper.  Patience…

Burningnaturephotography (BNP from now on because I get tired of typing Burningnaturephotography) has submitted some stunning pics lately and he has a message for us.  Reading the Description in many of his pics he talks about how long he waited for a bird to show up to where he wanted to take a picture.  I tend to do the opposite in that I got where the bird is, take my best shot, and then move on.  Using my method I have little control over the lighting, foreground or background.  BNP’s technique allows him to control all those variables.  Although BNP says he’s not always successful, when he is, it results in great shots.  Below are some of his pics and an excerpt from his Description of each (click on the picture to read the entire description along with other location and camera info).

“On this particular day, this guy [White-winged Crossbill) worked its way down the tree and was almost at eye level. Again, it’s so important to be patient and let the birds come to you and sometimes you’re rewarded with a nice shot.”


Waited for a while for this photo to happen. I have a tendency to sit on a nice scene waiting for a bird to come into it. Sometimes it works, other times I sit and wait for hours for nothing.”


On extremely hot days, my secret to getting bird photos is to sit and wait by a water source. Sometimes its a waste of my time and sometimes it produces shots like this American Goldfinch taking a bath.”


“I pick a spot for what I believe is going to make a good photo, and the wait begins… always waiting for my subjects to come into frame.”


Thanks for the bird photography lesson BNP!  Patience is certainly a key when trying to get GreatBirdPics and Award Worthy images.


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