Panama Birding Travelogue Pages

This post provides links to all the various pages I created on related to my birding trip to Panama in March, 2023.  It is divided into two parts: Part 1 is about our birding experiences in and around the Canopy Family Lodge and Part 2 is about our birding experiences in and around the Canopy Family Tower.  The links to each sub-heading below (which contain more pictures and details about the birds we saw there) are included within Parts 1 and 2 but are listed if you would like to jump to a particular topic.  Overall there are over 100 pictures of Panamanian birds (and mammals).

Part 1 – Arrival in Panama and Birding in and around the Canopy Lodge

Lifers at the Hotel Rionde

Canopy Lodge Feeder Bird Photographs

Canopy Lodge Stream Bird Photographs

Birds Seen Around Canopy Lodge

Panamanian Trogon Photographs

Panama Motmot Photographs 

Rodriguez Family Feeder Bird Photographs

Panama Owls – Daytime and Nighttime Photographs

Panama Tanager Photographs

Panama Hummingbird Photographs

Part 2 – Birding in and around the Canopy Tower

Birds Seen From the Observation Deck of the Canopy Tower

Panama, Summit Road Bird Photographs

Panama By the Numbers – Photograph Quality Analysis


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Chuck Berginc
Chuck Berginc

Mike, this review of your Panama trip was spectacular. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.